2022 Draft Budget – 4.82% Tax Increase?

2022Midland Draft Budget - 4.82% Increase

Download your own copy of the 2022 Budget package. This is the same one Councillors will spend December reviewing in advance of the January budget meetings. Please consider speaking to us at the January 19, 2022 public input meeting about the budget. This will be your ONLY chance to influence Council on our spending and the tax rate for 2022.

As it stands, there is a 4.82% tax increase proposed, blended down from an actual Town spending increase of 6.30%. The blended rate comes from the 1.82% county increase… and no splashpad for the 2nd year in a row since it was approved.

This is a big document but I encourage you to review the introduction and then dive into departmental operational and capital requests if you want to get into the weeds (I do encourage that).

Please review the results of the Town Tax Survey included at the end of the document. I will be using that feedback to help guide my discussion. I have posted the results of my tax survey as well but in a new post so it does not get mixed up with the Town’s survey.