9 Paid Parking Changes Proposed

Spoiler alert: elimination of paid parking is not one of them. The re-implementation of paid parking in our downtown core last summer, mid-pandemic, has been a sore spot for many residents and visitors alike. Aside from the timing (most don’t seem to take issue with the $1/hr), machine usability and accessibility have remained top concerns and the subject of many calls, emails, letters to our local media and town administration. I won’t re-hash the history of the parking debates since last July as anyone who is reading this, likely knows exactly where I stand on the situation and the attempts I have made to remedy them in the short term. Click here to Google the news.

In response to the many ongoing complaints, Council asked staff to report back to us with some statistics on adoption / usage as well as some recommendations and options to make the system better fit the needs and wants of the community balanced against the financial realities that Midland ratepayers must bear whenever we operate a service that is not self-sustaining. The report is on this Wednesday’s agenda and if the parking issue is one that you follow, you should read this report and provide input to your councillors before the meeting on Wednesday evening.

Here is the report and the 9 recommendations: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/34996