A Compromise Is PASSED For Parking


Update: Wednesday July 13th

At the special meeting of council this afternoon, council unanimously passed these parking recommendations as a balanced approach to the paid parking pains. This compromise was well received by all and will take effect this September for a year. The discussion and vote will be on our YouTube channel in the next day or so if you want to hear the discussion. Thanks to all the residents and neighbours who took the time to flood us with your feedback. It seems that staff and Council heard this loud and clear and with only 3 months before an election, decided that this compromise was in everyone’s best interest. I was very pleased with the discussion and the outcome and look forward to seeing how this impacts the downtown merchants. Happy summer and enjoy the free backlot parking!

Original post: Hot off the press, the next staff report on proposed changes to the parking system in Midland has been published on the agenda for next Wednesday’s special Council meeting (the one where we can all attend in person once again).

This report seems to have taken all the criticism and feedback from the community and done what I always expect us to do – propose a compromise that we can all live with.

Please review the entire report here: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/37784 and contemplate the staff suggestions, then please provide feedback to Council in advance of the vote. I will be at the Downtown Midland BIA AGM next Tuesday evening to speak with members about this compromise and to get input ahead of the discussions and vote on Wednesday evening.

My initial reaction, based on the feedback I have collected in the past year, summarized and submitted to the CAO a few weeks ago (my Parking Top 10) seems to have resonated with staff in that this report attempts to strike the balance that I was looking for. Is it what everyone wants? No. Is is all “free”? No (and that is not sustainable). Is it much better than we had in effect for the past year pending the pause last month? Absolutely! I’d like to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to share them with all of council using my handy form that sends an email to all of council.


  1. No mention to face the Parking Meters so the sun does not blurr the screen, facing the buildings would be better. No mention of making the use easier, coin parking vs credit card payment.with receipts for your car.or truck.All these rules, just for parking meters, this is nuts. relying on parking meter coinage for Town income is also nuts, makes no sense.

  2. I can live with this compromise as it is basically I had proposed in earlier comments except for the additional day. Is the parking at the harbour going to be the same hours 9-5, 7 days a week as there is no mention of this in the proposal? If this passes, then finally our voices have been heard and acted on. Lastly, make the meters user friendly and readable in the sun.

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