Announcing My Nomination For Mayor

Bill Gordon For Mayor of Midland Oct 24th 2022

Friends and neighbours, this officially kicks off my candidacy for the Oct 24th 2022 Municipal Election. I am asking for your support to lead the next council for four years as your Mayor. Here is the media announcement:

Job # 1: AFFORDABILITY – controlling our spending and getting our taxes under control.

Any member of Council (including a Mayor) is a single voice and vote. The work is done collaboratively among the nine councillors through building consensus and finding compromise. That takes strong leadership and clear sense of purpose, tempered with a desire to seek advice from residents, respect the experience and opinions of other councillors (and staff), keeping transparency and collaboration at the heart of our decision making and the courage to change course when previous decisions may not prove to be in our community’s best interests. Times change, needs evolve and we need to form a resilient, responsive and collaborative council that is not set on in-fighting, litigation and clique-building that stifles healthy dissent and mutes democracy.

I believe that the good people of Midland, now free from the confines of the ward system, can form the council that they believe will best serve the residents and needs of this community. You will be offered a complete list of every candidate for every position and you will choose all nine of your preferred candidates to form the next “Team Midland”. You will be able to vote from your telephone, computer/tablet or by visiting Town Hall and using a computer there (if you need assistance). I have information about the process if you follow this link.

I know this has been a challenging term, not the least of which has been the two years of the pandemic, coupled with crippling economic hardships and now run-away inflation. We’ve had several contentious decisions in our community, ever-increasing taxes and the extreme pressures on housing availability and affordability. Your next Mayor and Deputy Mayor are your voice at County Council and affordable housing is almost-entirely under County jurisdiction. You can expect hard work from me to lobby for Midland to become a priority in North Simcoe if you send two hard-working and passionate representatives to be your voice in Midhurst (County of Simcoe offices).

I won’t promise things that are beyond my control, but as your Mayor, I can promise you a more accessible, responsive and collaborative Council and Town Hall. I can promise you that we will revisit the most contentious issues from this term such as Midland Bay Landing development plans, the paid parking implementation, how many of our services are provided and how much they cost, and to stop focusing on how to raise taxes and instead look first at how to control our spending. We cannot save our way into prosperity, but nor should we operate as if it’s “business as usual” as we all struggle to come out of the pandemic, deal with inflation, climate change, a divided Nation and now the growing threat of another World War.

Even as Mayor, I cannot promise you an outcome, but I can promise that we will have the conversations. Attempts to mute Councillor motions, as we have seen this term, will not be tolerated under my leadership. Difficult conversations are not to be avoided and this job is neither for the meek nor the timid. The changes to our policies that make it more difficult (or impossible) for residents to speak to council about their concerns are among several affronts to democracy that I, with the support of a progressive Council, will attempt to reverse, along with the decisions to stop recording meetings and making them un-available online. Open, accessible government are not just catch-phrases with me. The perception that the “tail wags the dog” in our Municipality must change.

Bill Gordon For Mayor of Midland Oct 24th 2022

If you have followed the local politics this past term, you will know that I stand with the community, putting your needs first and am not afraid to pivot to community concerns and attempt to change direction when it seems we have lost our way. I don’t shy away from asking for advice or seeking community input on decisions and I am not discouraged by adversity or hostility – still able and willing to work with anyone, even those who have vastly opposing viewpoints. I will always look for compromises, except in matters of integrity or honesty.

I have served this community with distinction as a peace-keeper for a quarter-century with the former Midland Police Service and through my work on your behalf with the Ontario Government, and then for another four years as one of your voices on Council.

My priorities in Council this term will continue into the next term as your Mayor and include but are not limited to:

  • Affordability – Controlling our spending
  • Lobbying the County to make affordable housing builds a priority in Midland
  • Improved Community Safety Initiatives
  • Community / Indigenous Collaboration & Consultation
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • Improved Municipal Communications
  • Adherence To Democratic Process and Transparency
  • Improved Services Without Divestment
  • Supporting Economic Growth & Jobs
  • Youth & Senior Services Funding
  • Fair Taxation & No Nonsense Budgets
  • Seek Further Municipal Efficiencies / Collaboration
  • Waterfront Preservation For The Community
  • Protecting Parkland From Further Development
  • Respecting Property Owner’s Rights (Natural Heritage Designation)
  • Support the Midland Forward and Strategic Plan Initiatives
  • Resisting gentrification

If you would like to stay connected with me and learn more about my campaign, please subscribe to my updates on this website, follow me on social media and continue to follow the important work I continue to do on your behalf in the waning days of this term of Council.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns or to volunteer to help in my campaign in the coming months.


I have begun some modest fundraising efforts to help offset the increasing costs associated with a town-wide campaign. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY DONATION PAGE.

I intend to spend money carefully and sparingly, showing the same respect I do with your taxes and other non-voluntary costs associated with living in our Municipality. Campaign finance rules are very specific.

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