Are You In Ward 2

Here is a map of the Ward 2 (the ward in which I was elected this term) boundaries in Midland.  As with all those elected this term,  Councillors represent the entire town of Midland and all of its residents.  No matter which ward you call home, you will find me approachable and concerned about any of your issues that fall within the jurisdiction of your Municipal Government.

Council has voted to eliminate the ward system effective the October 2022 election, so all councillors will be elected “at large” meaning that any voter can cast their ballot for any candidate they choose, no longer restricted to those who chose to run for election in their ward.  Councillors represent all residents in all decision making so you will continue to have equal access to any/all members of Council for help with any issues that arise or that you wish to have input/influence about.

Ward-2-Map Midland