Boat Launch Fees For 2024 Up For Debate

Midland Boat Launch
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All Daily Boat Launch fees have been affected by the suspension of the parking program for 2024, however these are not parking fees – they are boat launch fees with some including the option to park a vehicle and boat trailer at Pete Pettersen Park.

Residents and non-residents who wish to purchase an annual boat launch pass for $100 and $200, respectively, are able to do so at the Harbour office and municipal office during appointed hours and these are currently the only Boat Launch fees approved by Council for collection in 2024.

In order to avoid a $40,000 budgetary deficit associated with Boat Launch fees, staff recommend that Council immediately approve the following fees for 2024:

Daily Use – Resident (launch and parking) $25
Daily Use – Non-Resident (launch and parking) $50

Collection of these fees will take place via the HotSpot App and staff will work with HotSpot to have the $25 Daily Use – Resident and $50 Daily Use – Non-Resident options added. HotSpot will apply a $5 use fee to each transaction, in addition to the amount collected by the Town. For users without a smartphone, there will be the option of pre-paying through creating an account through the HotSpot website. The Town also has the option of offering a non-account permit program at a cost of $2,500/year and this could be used by those without a smartphone or a HotSpot account and would enable staff to assist boaters who are experiencing difficulty paying their boat launch fees.

Recognizing that not all users will have a smartphone to use the HotSpot App, new signage will be installed to indicate that payment for Daily Use can be made at the Harbour office seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. or at the Municipal Office during regular business hours. Those who pay at the Harbour or Municipal offices will receive a dated pass to display on their vehicle’s dashboard. Boaters can also prepurchase this dated pass if they wish to pre-plan while not hauling their boat on a trailer.

Updated signage will be posted at the Boat Launch and the website with this information.\

Note: boat launch fees continue to be waived for qualifying FNMI residents

To read the full staff report, follow this link:


  1. 1, what is the cost to Midland tax payers by allowing the FNLMI community free access to the launch site?
    2, Have the FNLI community issued a formal thank you to the Midland Council.

    • The costs are trivial based on usage (max $100 pass per year since only Midland residents qualify). Historic unencumbered access to Georgian Bay for harvesting is of cultural significance and predates any settlers in our Country. This is a small but meaningful gesture that aligns with TRC recommendations. We don’t ask for or expect our Canada Forces Veterans to thank us for free parking, so why would we ask FNMI to thank us for this gesture?

  2. More fees Bill for the ordinary white man. Have you guys not learned about fees for tourists. Take a close look at our supposed downtown. Also the indigenous have so many perks now. Why more???How long do we keep paying for the land. Even s mortgage has a limit Just saying. Be careful. A lot of people fed up with this town.

    • This report only deals with offsetting the $40,000.00 we would lose by not capturing costs from users of the launch. If the users don’t pay then every taxpayer has to. Our fees align with neigbours like Penetang. Is it cost recovery that bothers you or the FNMI gift of waiving that fee?

  3. I’m a support of user-pays options such as this, even though I am one of the people paying.

    The very low numbers of transactions for 2023 surprises me as the launch seems to be busy quite frequently.

    My guess is that many people are simply ignoring the fees and getting away with it.

    Are there plans for bylaw enforcement on a regular basis? I expect this would result in additional costs for the manpower, equipment, etc.

    I am aware that we have a bylaw enforcement deficit in general – I see people regualrly ignoring parking bylaws (trailers on streets, length of time parking on streets, parking all night/weekend next to fire hydrants). Perhaps we are missing out on another revenue stream?

    • We seem to struggle attracting and keeping bylaw staff. We are recruiting now and i expect to increase compliment even more to become more proactive. If we are going to make bylaws and rules there is an expectation that we will actively enforce them.

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