Budget 2024 Day One

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It’s 2024 Budget deliberations – Day 1 of 3. Ready to make some tough decisions with Midland Council around making life more affordable for our residents while ensuring that we maintain the crucial services that we exist to provide to our community.

I have earmarked 500k of savings that will impact our 2024 tax rate (almost 2% reduction) and hundreds of thousands of tax-supported reserves savings or deferrals. I’m sure my team has done similar work leading up to today. Wish us luck!

Update: After a LONG day from 9am to past 7pm, we deferred about 1.1 million in capital expenditures that drew from tax-supported reserves. This won’t impact the tax increase this year but does help preserve our reserves for another year. Most of the deferred items will come back on the 2025 budget for review. We did get through the rate-based items for Water and Wastewater.

Tomorrow, day two, we get into items that do impact the tax-rate.

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