Budget 2024 Public Meeting

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The draft budget starting point is depicted below. This council is committed to ongoing community engagement and your voice matters!

Please join us at our next Council meeting, 6pm on Wednesday January 17th to share any comments or thoughts in relation to the draft 2024 Midland budget. Council will listen intently and consider all the input received both at this meeting and from email submissions to budget@midland.ca when considering the impact of reducing, maintaining or enhancing Town services, as well as the many capital projects that include roads, water/wastewater, parks, trails, sidewalks along with the staffing and equipment needed to meet all these objectives – while balancing the high cost of living that impacts us all.

Here is the link to the Town’s budget page with all the links to reports, summaries and details: https://www.midland.ca/en/town-hall/2024-budget.aspx


  1. Gets harder and harder each year to live in your own home in Midland . Maybe we could do with less employees working for Midland to cut taxes. Heard that young street Midland is getting a compete new road from king street to hwy 93. In 2024. Is this in the works .? If so when will we be told this is happening ? Thank-you

  2. Every reasonably informed taxpayer understands that the costs involved in services has increased substantially. Consequently, taxes will have to increase. From my perspective, I want to see us help maintain services that help people, our youth, our seniors, even if this means an increase in taxes. Maintain and enhance public transit, the Library, Askenonnia, the Boys and Girls Club, the Museum and every organization that needs help to survive. This is what makes us a community, when everyone has the ability to participate. Thank you for your good work!

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