Call For Applicants! Homelessness Action Commmittee

Committee Vacancies

The newly-minted Homelessness Action Committee, formed by Midland Council is now ready to form! We are looking for four passionate community members to join this new initiative which will include collaborative input from community organizations, members of our homeless community and upper levels of Government as we work together to find solutions to end homelessness in Midland.

It is a lofty goal and we cannot guarantee success, but we are committed to trying and learning more about what services are in place, what the unfilled needs are and what gaps we may be able to fill locally. We will also be looking at how we can engage upper tiers of government to help solve the chronic homelessness that impacts many of our residents – often unseen unless you stumble across them in our parks and wooded areas.

The committee’s terms of reference and what we are looking for in membership can be found here:

The application form is here:

Please email it to

The lead image for this article shows other current vacancies. If any of them interest you, please use the same application form found above.

Here are two more valuable links to explore:

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Thank you!