CBC Ontario Morning – Drug Houses

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I had the pleasure of speaking with CBC Ontario Morning’s Mary Ito this morning to discuss my recent virtual town hall about drug houses and my proposed response to these problems in our community. Listen below.

Ontario Morning from CBC Radio with Ramraajh Sharvendiran: Drug house in Midland causing concern amongst residents.


Did you miss the zoom call town hall? Watch it here:


  1. We need to collectively enforce evictions as per 409 Queen Street Midland. I had a personal encounter with some of the opportunists hanging around this address. Time to stop sugar coating the situation and take them on.

  2. On my dog walking rounds this morning, another likely drug house is located at 511 Nelson street across from the back of a convenience store. During my walk I noticed a suspicious vehicle, an older model TransAm driving around that part of the neighborhood with unusual cautionary stops and starts. Eventually the vehicle, driven by a young haggard looking woman, pulled up across the street from 511 Nelson and waited with her rear brakes lights on seemingly waiting for me to pass on by. At the end of Nelson I turned and aimed my cellphone camera at her rear license plate. She then released her brake and moved to the intersection and waited again until finally driving away. The dilapidated house at 511 looks like a run down junk house with garbage strewn about the yards. I have witnessed the denizens of this building and they fit the bill. Soooo 511 Nelson Street.

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