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Code Of Conduct

An investigation launched after Councillors Main, Downer and Deputy Mayor Ross collectively submitted a series of complaints to the Integrity Commissioner about me has resulted in a report that will be presented to Council on December 9th.

Not all the 12 complaints are detailed in the report but 2 of the complaints were upheld and are documented in the report. I will speak formally to these at the meeting after the Integrity Commissioner orally presents their report to us. In the meantime, I will share the report with you (below). It will also form part of the agenda package that will be online shortly.

I don’t dispute the facts, and much as I did with Councillor Oschefski’s integrity commissioner report, have input about the findings. I continue to respect the job that the Integrity Commissioner has to do. I do intend to speak to the facts, provide context and address the conclusions.

It should be noted that none of the Councillors approached me about these matters (one of which dates back to mid March 2020), or sought any remedy other than advancing complaints to the Integrity Commissioner. Integrity Commissioner investigations are expensive and are billed to the ratepayer. I maintain that it is both offensive and abusive to weaponize the code of conduct to advance personal grievances against one another. We are adults and communications, even when disagreeing, is how we should solve our differences – rather than turning to legal process.

I am proud of some of the work we have done this term. I have also been offended, attacked, dismayed and disappointed by action/inaction of our Council as a body and yet you don’t (and won’t) see me running to the integrity commissioner complaining about the two years of harassment, persecution or legal struggles I endure as one of your nine civil servants.

I will commit to you, and Council, that I will continue to learn from mistakes, missteps and errors that I make while acting in good faith as one of your representatives. I cannot commit to never offending someone; as we all know… if someone is determined to look for ways to be offended by someone, they are almost certain to find them.

Here is the entire discussion surrounding the integrity commissioner’s report. The video will begin at the start of the discussion so you don’t have to try to find it. Thank you for all the supporting comments, emails, text messages I have received. I can see (and your will hear) ways to improve as well as some context surrounding these issues. Now that this is behind us, we can continue the work we do as a team to advance the important issues in our community and into the new year!

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