Community Leaders for a Sustainable Simcoe: My Pledge

Simcoe Community Leaders

Community Leaders for a Sustainable Simcoe members affirm their commitment to values outlined in the following pledge:

As your mayor, I pledge to be a community leader who acts in the best interests of my community. I will actively listen and seek to understand the needs and wants of my community, and collaborate in good faith with others in attaining them.

I recognise that community means, at its core, a respect and responsibility for the common good. This means that the integrity of our environment – the core common good we rely on for food, air, water, and the foundations of our economy – is central to my commitment as a community leader.

Consequently, I will endeavour to:

  • Support a rapid and robust transition away from carbon intensive energy toward renewables;
  • Prioritise improving the social determinants of health for all residents when making municipal decisions and advocate for policies at higher levels of government that improve the social determinants of health;
  • Support and promote a built form, such as 15 minute, complete communities as a way to take climate action and make our communities more affordable, equitable and healthy;
  • Prioritise building homes of all types within existing built boundaries to reduce sprawl, decrease residents’ costs and protect our natural heritage and farmland;
  • Invest in creating public spaces that are vibrant and welcoming to foster connected communities;
  • Prioritise and promote the use of green, natural infrastructure to increase community resilience;
  • Support the local agricultural economy and reduce barriers to food security at the community and household level
  • Recognise and strengthen the role of clean air and water in supporting the health and sustainability of our communities, and work to protect these valuable resources in both rural and urban areas;
  • Increase public engagement in local governance by promoting inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.
Bill Gordon – Councillor & Mayoral Candidate For 2022-2026 Term