Council Votes To Sign Letter Of Intent With MBL Developer

Letter Of Intent

In a recorded vote this afternoon, council voted 7-2 to award a letter of intent (LOI) to the developer who scored highest with the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation’s (MBLDC) RFP process. Here is the press release:

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I want to acknowledge the over 50 emails from residents to Council supporting my motion to defer the decision until a new council is formed on Oct 22nd. Once the meeting is available on the Town’s YouTube channel you will be able to listen to the debate and comments from the councillors that chose to weigh on before casting their votes against the deferral and ultimately for the awarding of the letter of intent.

The recorded votes saw only myself and Councillor Beth Prost in support of the deferral and against the awarding of the letter of intent at this time, preferring to leave the contracts to the next council.

Once the details are published, I encourage you to review the artwork and participate in the community consultation that we were assured will be part of the process. That consultation does not include reversal of the plan that is now set into motion. Instead, it will help shape the ultimate look, feel and design elements of what will eventually become a draft site plan that will come before the next council, likely well into the first term.

Thanks for caring enough to participate thus far and I encourage you to continue to do so, and most importantly to vote electronically in the upcoming Municipal Election.

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  1. So. Rode my bike to this site on Sunday, nice to look out at large turnout of sailboats on windy day turned and looked a benches / possible lunch areas. NOT PRETTY trash lying all over and NOT 1 garbage container to be seen , awful site. Just saying !!!

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