Cruise Ships Returning – Economic Spinoff?

While it’s a welcome sight to have the Pearl Mist cruise ship come back to Midland, I and many other residents I’ve spoken with are left wondering why our $250,000 new dock (“demonstration promenade”) wasn’t used instead of the town dock?

From the Town’s Official MBLDC page:

“The Town has announced the arrival of 2 large new cruise ships in Midland in 2022. They will dock temporarily along the old coal dock steel wall where the new MBL promenade demonstration is being built.

While the cruise ships are docked, views and access to the Bay will still be possible at the east end of the MBL parking lot.” –

From news coverage of MBLDC meetings:

Economic Spin-Off?

Visitors arrive, typically board tour busses, head to area attractions in Tay and Penetanguishene, and return to the ship for dinner and it cruises away (most ships travel at night). I’m left wondering how much economic spinoff our downtown merchants saw from this visit and why the new pier was not being used?

I will be looking to the BIA to provide some valuable input about how to lure the passengers up our Main Street and how we can do more to promote destinations in Midland rather than simply act as a dock and excursion lot to send the visitors out of town for their short visits to our port.


  1. Perhaps the Pearl Mist is not one of the “2 large new” ships mentioned – it is not new by any means.

    However, I wondered also how much benefit it would be for the town if passengers cannot walk to downtown easily as would be the case at the Coal Dock. It makes Midland just a bus stop.

    Do our docks have facilities such as water and power for such ships or are they expected to provide their own? I expect it is easy to harvest water, but it is not very nice for our environment if they run generators non-stop.

    • Valid points. The Pearl Mist is self contained and simply moors to have passengers disembark to board the tour busses. I will be seeking input from the BIA about their feelings of economic spinoff and what can be done to improve it.

  2. Just realised the cruisers won’t have cars. But for the rest of us paying for parking it’s a deterrent.

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