“Day Before Budget Debates” Zoom Chat

Stay Connected With Your Councillors

You are invited to join us this Sunday February 21st from 6-7pm to discuss any issues that you want Council to consider during the Budget 2021 deliberations that begin next Monday and run through Wednesday. My 0% stance on this budget has been widely circulated and you can read it here. You can participate by phone or via the free Zoom app on your computer or smartphone.

Throughout this pandemic I have been hosting Zoom chat sessions to stay connected with the community about issues before Council. I am joined by fellow Councillors Beth Prost and Carole McGinn (an up to one more) and we discuss matters coming before Council and take calls from our residents

To get connected, please follow this link. We record the sessions and post them online afterwards. We don’t broadcast live anymore to protect against zoom-bombers.

If you’d like to review the 2021 Draft Budget document click here.

If you have specific questions about the budget, we encourage you to email them to budget@midland.ca where they will be curated, circulated to all of council along with any responses that staff can provide.

This zoom meeting, like all those before it, is your forum to ask us questions directly or share your concerns with us before we head into the line-by-line budget review. Your input to us helps us advance your concerns through this process.

For a full overview of the 2021 budget process please visit: https://engagingmidland.ca/budget2021