Downtown Building Property Standards

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Update: May 1st 2024 – Council passed this initiative with a staff report to return with options on how to achieve our objectives.

Lots of new business set for Wednesday’s council meeting including this motion…

That Staff investigate the feasibility of enforcing regulations whereby Commercial property landowners/investors in the Downtown core be responsible for maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of vacant storefronts so as not to have a negative impact on the Downtown including neighboring businesses, tourism, pedestrian safety, and commercial investment; and

That steps be taken by Town Staff and the BIA Beautification Committee to mitigate the problem.

Comments, questions, concerns? Contact councillors ahead of the meeting this Wednesday and tune in to hear the discussion and outcome.

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  1. The Kiss This adult store is an eyesore and that building looks so dilapidated that I now cross the road when I walk that part of Bay Street for fear of it collapsing. I was sure the whole building was long abandoned but there are occupied apartments above. Yikes.

    • That store is long gone but the owner keeps the sign up for some reason… yes, we have property standards now and are going to tighten them up and press for enforcement. Midland deserves better and we have let this happen through complacency. This Council is re-thinking the status quo for the sake of our community well past our term.

      • What a great plan Bill. I’m quietly embarrassed about that building when we welcome new visitors like The Pearl Mist to town or during fabulous events like The Butter Tart Festival and Ribfest. The darn building is right in the hub of things. Thanks for replying

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