Downtown Paid Parking Ends For 2024

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Paid parking will be eliminated on downtown streets effective January 1st 2024 and replaced with free 3 hour parking. Paid parking will be re-instated at the town dock, along Bayshore and at the boat launch in the spring with a new system. All our downtown street parking will be free for 3 hours to encourage turnover and keep spots free for shoppers. Next steps are to determine the break even costs of the parking lots and the enforcement needed to ensure the 3 hour rule is followed, and who will pay for those costs. The options are everyone in their taxes, or the downtown core building owners or a hybrid approach where the costs are split between the two using a ratio like 75:25. See this link for the full cost recovery approach.

That will be discussed at a future meeting along with the new community committee that will spend much of 2024 working on a long term solution that balances the costs, who pays and if there is a way to monetize parking in 2025 and beyond. Your Council listens.


  1. As a home owner for over 50 years in Midland and a senior I disagree with raising property taxes. I think the store owners or who ever owns the stores that are rented out should be responsible for these taxes. Parking is free at malls around town and if this means we will have to compensate for the Main Street shopping through our taxes I totally disagree. Times are hard right now and as seniors we do not get a raise please take what I said into consideration

  2. So good to see the town council make
    Positive moves after so many mistakes made by last council. Thanks

    • That will remain until a new system is implemented for that lot. We have not discussed what the new system will be yet but monetizing this sole lot and ensuring the seasonal boaters have the spaces available we charge them for will have to take precedent. Bottom line is we can’t afford to lose money on the lots anymore unless we put all those losses onto the taxpayer – which includes all seniors. So free parking for seniors actually never was really free nor would it be if this continues.

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