E-Bike Ban On Trails Causing Some Confusion

There’s plenty of chatter about the new bylaw and signage just installed that prohibits e-bikes on our parks and trails system. Here are some important distinctions between the general concept of e-bikes. Some updated signage and clarity from the Town will be out in the coming days.

  1. The bylaw doesn’t (and couldn’t) restrict mobility devices for people with any type of mobility disability.
  2. The bylaw allows non-motorized bikes and power assisted bicycles (pedal electric – pedelec). These are bikes where a motor can be engaged to assist the pedalling of the rider but not replace pedalling altogether. When pedalling stops, the motor assist stops.
  3. The bylaw prohibits bikes where the primary method of propulsion is the motor (gas or electric) and where pedalling is only optional – usually only when the engine power is depleted. These have small folding pedals and are effectively motorbikes with pedal power as backup.
  4. The speed limit applies to everyone and is the maximum speed allowed. Many circumstances would dictate travelling slower than the maximum for the safety of riders, walkers and joggers.
  5. The bylaw does not attempt to legislate courtesy or common sense.

Hope this helps to some degree. We want to make the trails safe and accessible to people of all abilities.


    • If you have to pedal to get the motor assist then by my view it’s a pedalec and allowed. If you can put your feet on pegs and twist the throttle and let the motors do all the work instead of pedalling, it would not be allowed. That’s my take on it.

  1. Walking trails or paths are for walkers ONLY, other surfaced areas, like sidewalks, or other hard surfaced areas can be used for other, 4,3 or 2 wheeled machines, NOT on a walking trail or path. Having a surface to fit all moving products is NOT safe. Until we have enough injuries or deaths we will stumble along.
    To do this right, we need another surface, separate from the walkers.

  2. I personally ride over 400 klm a year and over 70 , so my take is # 1 should be a LAW , bell , horn to give notice you are approaching from the rear. #2 SPEED THESE Spandex riders Way to fast , if they are trying to achieve distance on their ride Get on the ROAD Like the do over around BLUE MOUNTAIN , and leave our trails to walkers , families with kids and go race somewhere else

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