Elimination Of Free Parking & Rate Changes

Midland Paid Parking

In a very detailed staff report to council next Wednesday, an analysis of the current parking system rates, parking pass fees, free parking options and other changes are suggested for implementation as early as the end of June.

Recommendations include the elimination of the free parking (1hr on lots and 15min on street) – something I previously was able to convince a slim majority of my peers to pass. That is set to be removed next week.

“The overall goal remains to generate $500,000 in revenues through the program which will cover the approx. $150,000 in annual operating costs to maintain the parking areas and to offset the $244,000 in commitments made for debt retirement of the King Street Revitalization project.”

The report concludes “The Town has made a significant investment in the ‘Pay by Plate’ parking system. As we implement affordable, convenient options for paying for parking and continue with an educational approach in the Downtown with the Courtesy tickets, it is anticipated there will be a return on this investment as we hopefully return to a pre-pandemic era where we welcome visitors and residents to events, shopping, and dining in our beautiful downtown and waterfront.”

If the parking system in Midland concerns you, I strongly encourage you to read this report (https://midland.civicweb.net/document/37111/CSR-2022-42%20Parking%20System%20Update.pdf) and communicate any support or objection to the recommendations to your councillors in advance of next Wednesday’s meeting. You can use this form to email all of us at once if you wish.


  1. Midland is a town, not a city. Most of the list that is compared to Midland are cities. That is one of the reasons I do not like the recent comparison of the new parking system. I am avoiding the downtown for that reason. If I really need to go to the downtown, I park my car at the Rec Centre. Funny that there are no fees there. The walk does me good.

  2. Why did they need such complicated parking meters. I go to Toronto for appointments all the time and even the parking meters at the Hospitals are user friendly. I feel sorry for the businesses that are leasing building downtown. Nobody wants to shop down there. I would also like to ask why if you spent all this money on downtown core is the company back replacing and fixing already. Such a shame that Council is more concerned about tourists then hometown people.

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