Focus On The Future & Learn From The Past

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As your mayor, my primary communications channel is migrating to the Town of Midland platforms. I will remain as engaged and approachable as I have always been, but will stop publishing personal blogs and opinion articles on this website, so I can concentrate on town-centered communications. I will continue to engage with you on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and will collaborate with you in person, by telephone or using my Town of Midland official email since it gets tracked and is subject to Freedom of Information requests.

As your mayor, I am also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the town of Midland and I have unique duties that are defined under s.225 as well as those of Councillor under s.224 of the Municipal Act and I want to make sure that my messaging to you, and anyone who is interested in our wonderful community, is clear, concise and representative of the Town which I lead as your mayor.

Accordingly, I have removed the previous content of my website. It has served its purpose – to communicate my position on matters to you, and related to issues from the election campaign, the past term of council and even some issues that predate my election in 2018. The past is where it belongs – in the past.

As we begin a new term, with a passionate and talented group of councillors, my focus is on the future. The past is important as a learning tool, but the real challenge lays ahead of us and the fresh start that you have chosen by your selections in the Municipal election on October 24th.

Please be sure to register to get updates from Engaging Midland ( our website for community collaboration, and continue to follow the Town of Midland for official press releases and announcement, and my page on social media where I will continue to share interesting news items, perspectives and ask for your input on issues that are coming before Council.

I look forward to the next four years of collaboration with you as we work together to help Midland grow responsibly and thrive.

Feel free to join your new Council on Wednesday November 16th for the inaugural meeting. Watch for a news release in the coming days and join us in the council chambers as we take our oaths and officially begin our new term. I’m excited to start working with my new colleagues. Thanks again for sending me back.