Free Parking Update

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Holiday shopping in beautiful downtown Midland continues to be free all through December and will extend into 2024 while we work with a new committee of stakeholders to look for a sustainable solution to the background costs of downtown parking lots and storefront parking.

While that happens throughout 2024, those costs will be added to the operating expenses for the entire town. I hope to revisit the recent decision that sees us losing the $140k of revenue by not selling these existing machines back to the vendor and will add that to my list of topics for January’s budget deliberations.
Here is some local media coverage:

This link to our town website answers all the questions about our parking throughout the Town.


  1. I do not shop a lot down town Midland because the prices are a bit high.I feel home owners should not have to flip the bill for no pay parking. The merchants are the ones who benefit from shoppers as it was clearly seen when we had to pay for parking they suffered now with not paying for parking they will thrive . I do not believe it should be at the homeowners expense. The old Parking meters were fine no one complained about paying to park . Why does Midland have to always do what other towns think is best?

    • GOOD points, yes the old style ones worked well, no complaints, Begs the question, why did we make such bold changes with the new ones.

  2. Bill: Sell the parking machines and take the $140 K and use it to offset some the cost relating to the maintenance of the back lots. Since there will be not parking machines there will be no need for a parking bylaw officer. Not sure what the salary is but it is a saving worth looking at.


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