Goose Management Plan Coming To Council Next Week

Goose Poop

A council-directed staff report is coming to council next week with recommendations to deal with the ongoing issues of geese in our parks and at the harbour.

The report (see below) reviews many options and results in the following recommendations:

  1. That Council support an amendment to the Animal Control By-Law 2009-18 to permit dogs off-leash in Town parklands during low usage and off-peak hours.
  2. That Council support the installation of signage at Little Lake Park, the Town Harbour, Gawley Park, and Pete Petersen Park to educate the public referencing the upcoming Parks and Trails By-Law 2021-XX prohibiting the feeding of geese.
  3. That Council direct staff to apply for all necessary Canadian Wildlife Services permits to have canines scare/harass/cull geese as per the relevant legislation.

The entire report is available here:

What do you think about the recommendations and the options in the report that we are not being asked to consider? Do you support the concept of an additional machine to sweep/vacuum up the excrement? Please take the time to review the staff report and share you comments with me as well as the other councillors who will be voting on this subject next week.