Grand Opening! Sun Life & The Mortgage Centre

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One the best parts of my job is attending the grand opening of new business ventures in Midland – and 2023 has kept me busy! Earlier this month, I had the honour of attending the grand opening of this new joint venture in a heritage home at 540 Hugel Avenue. The Mortgage Centre Midland and Sun Life Midland join forces and open the doors to their new location. Both Roberta and Jenna understand that applying for a mortgage or discussing insurance and investment options can be stressful and intimidating. They’ve gone the extra mile to create a space where all clients feel welcome, comfortable and secure.

Jenna Lorette (Mortgage Centre) and Roberta Courtemanche (Sun Life)

At 540 Hugel Avenue, clients are able to access a range of professional services:

  • At The Mortgage Centre Midland, Jenna Lorette and her team offer residential and commercial mortgages from institutional banks, private mortgage lenders and everything in between. Jenna works with a variety of lenders to help her clients obtain the best mortgage solution to save them thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage. Rock Capital Mortgages is the Broker of Record.
  • At Sun Life, Roberta Courtemanche provides life, health and wealth strategies, “holistic planning” solutions to help her clients meet their goals. These include life, health, disability and critical illness insurance as well as employer group benefit plans, any type of investment account and financial planning services. She works together with clients as their lives and goals grow and change.