Homelessness Response Toolkit

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Hey folks. I’m just back from the AMO conference in London where the entire morning’s content (and at least one session daily) was focussing on homelessness and tools we can use to help in our community. One of many was this toolkit developed by the OBIAA (BIA Association) and is a good resource. I’ll share with the BIA in case they haven’t seen it yet but here’s a link to it if you’re interested. I’ll be relying on it to help craft a Midland kit for our community.


  1. You certainly covered a lot of material. It was all good stuff. When the requirement for affordable housing is not to exceed 30% of income is a sensible figure. But when the average household income in Canada is $60,000 that means they can only afford a $350,000. Developers can’t build them, a)- They don’t make any money, b)- Many building lots are selling close to that price. c)- Developers are in business to make money not charitable housing. None profits are there for people not for profit and deserve strong consideration for government grants and assistance. They can build $350,000 homes.

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