“Housing First” – Explained

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Finland, a small European county, took a model that originated in the USA and ran with it. They’ve all but eliminated homelessness by adopting the simple premise that everyone deserves a “home” and that they can’t begin to deal with addiction, health or other crippling challenges they face until and unless they are housed with adequate supports to wrap around them. Click here to learn more about the “Reaching Home Rapid Housing Initiative”, and watch this short documentary to see how it’s been done in Finland and the impact that being housed can have to community safety and wellbeing.


  1. What is Midland doing to address this?
    I know when I mentioned using my property for housing it was a hell no reply!

    • The natural heritage designation on your land (and that of your neighbours) is THE problem. You cannot subdivide it, sell it or have it developed without extensive (and expensive) studies like those other developers are doing with us now to remove that designation. Doing this on your own is possible but very expensive. As you know, I am actively working on getting the official plan amended to remedy the misapplication of that designation all over the community that is inhibiting growth. In the meantime, if you have a developer or planner to help you with the process, and want to pay the costs, you can always get this going ahead of our global changes. I have money in the budget for 2024 (that if approved) will see us engage planners to help us correct the natural heritage designations to many impacted lands in Midland, but as you know, that will take at least a year.

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