How Accessible Is Downtown Midland?

How Accessible Is Downtown Midland

How accessible is downtown Midland? I don’t mean right now while we have it ripped up, but under normal circumstances?

I was having a brief chat with another councillor today and have seen comments about lack of accessibility to many businesses downtown. I don’t think our “big dig” is going to be breaking up steps and access to privately owned shops/storefronts. In your experience, how many businesses are truly “accessible” in our core?

Carole Ann Louise McGinn maybe you know? The legislation doesn’t speak to access to buildings and defers to the Building Code. Doorway width, ramps, laneway access maybe?

I know that the Municipal buildings must be accessible but I don’t know how/if that applies to private buildings? Seems not to apply unless renovation or new builds. The rules around accessibility fall under the Building Code.

“The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act does not apply to buildings” –

Looking for input and some education and to know if there is anything Midland Council can or should be doing to make this better for people with mobility issues.