Important News – Homelessness In Midland

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With my inability to share local news on social media I’m sharing this link here hoping that you’ll read this important article about proposed changes to our homeless shelter and the work I’m doing on transitional and supporting housing (the next step out of homelessness)

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Deputy Mayor Jack Contin and I will be at the next BIA meeting to discuss the current situation and what the County has planned regarding increased funding, street outreach and capacity at the shelter along with the supports to manage the transitional beds and being open 24/7 finally! We will discuss the options… status quo or supporting the County to help support us.

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  1. If they take over the whole building, will they then take over all of downtown??? a lot more thought has to go into this…all lot more thought then what was put into the original plan and why we are stuck with a shelter IN downtown to begin with and I think that is why the stipulation was put in back in 2014…look at what that location has brought us so far…what is happening with Rosewood…why cant they implement help for youth??? We can do better, and we need more services, but I think a lot more thought needs to go into this, and I think all the agencies concerned should get together and brainstorm.

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