Integrity commish exonerates Bill Gordon after CAO’s complaint

Midland – Andrew Philips: An integrity commission’s report into Coun. Bill Gordon has determined he did nothing wrong by suggesting any decision on Midland Bay Landing be deferred to the next council.

Filed by CAO David Denault, the complaint sought to have Gordon disciplined for planning to table a notice of motion in the first place and asked the integrity commissioner to interview  himself, Mayor Stewart Strathearn, Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation (MBLDC) board chair Bill Kernohan and Gordon as part of the process.

“It is truly unfortunate that our CAO has chosen to take an adversarial approach with me since day one,” Gordon told MidlandToday.

“I maintain and it has been clearly upheld by the integrity commissioners, that I have a right to set agenda items and to table a motion to defer any item I choose at any point in the process if I have a seconder.

“The fact that the CAO does not share my concerns with the MBL development proposal is irrelevant to me and, as I have communicated to him on many occasions, he will have the opportunity to make his thoughts clear to us during the process and not instead of the process.”

The complaint traces its roots back to April when Gordon planned to add a notice of motion to the council agenda seeking the aforementioned deferment.

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  1. About time the integrity commissioner realized that Bill Gordon is NOT the problem but rather the Victim!! Hopefully the voters remember this at election time. Please do not vote the troublemakers back in!!

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