Internet / Phone Voting Being Considered For Oct 2022 Midland Municipal Election

Internet / Phone Voting May Come To Midland In 2022

In staff report CSR-2021-86 on Dec 8th 2021 Council Agenda, Council is being asked to endorse an internet/phone voting system for next October’s Municipal Election where all nine councillors (includes mayor and deputy) will be elected at large (no more ward system). This will mean that you get to pick up to nine options on your ballot and choose who you would like to see form the Council for the 2022-2026 term. With many major issues before us including the future of the Midland Bay Landing site, aging municipal infrastructure, debt repayment, service levels and fees that impact our tax rates, voter turnout and participation needs to be increased. Do you think that making voting easier and more convenient will help?

The options available for consideration are:

  1. Status quo – in-person voting with paper ballots with tabulator
  2. Touch Screen
  3. Vote by mail with tabulator
  4. Internet/Telephone voting (staff recommended)

Here is what our neighbours in Simcoe County do now (Tiny will decide if they change anything on December 15th)

Do you have a preferred method? You may want express your concerns or endorsements to your councillors in advance of next Wednesday’s meeting where the decision is likely to be made.

You can review the staff report along with the pros and cons identified with each of the options here:


  1. First of all thank you for your representation of our ward on Counsel and the work you are doing on our behalf. I am a mobility challenged widowed senior and with the aid of a walker and cane I am able to manage some necessary shopping and errands. You can appreciate that it is not only getting to the voting area, it is getting out of the vehicle, finding your way to the reception area, perhaps having to wait, walking to your designated area, walking to the voting area, walking back to deposit your ballot, etc etc etc. You get the picture. If it is inclement weather I do not go out of my house. I sincerely hope good sense prevails and telephone internet voting is approved. I personally feel that the voting numbers would increase. Thanks for taking the time to communicate with residents of Midland.

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