Internet Voting Demo – It’s Easy!

How To Vote Online This October

For the first time, Midland voters will be voting by internet and telephone only. The Town of Midland has entered into an agreement with Intelivote Systems Inc. to provide the software, consulting and technical services required to implement this voting method.

Voting will take place between October 11 and 24, 2022. Voters will receive a Voter Instruction Letter (VIL) by mail containing directions on how to vote using the internet or the telephone, or both. You will receive this letter seven (7) to fourteen (14) days prior to October 11, 2022.

You will only receive a VIL if your name is on the Voters’ List. If you are not sure or need to get registered to vote in this October’s Municipal Election contact the Town of Midland as indicated below.

The source of truth for all things “Midland Election” is the Town’s website and this page in particular:

The following video is produced by Intelivote (the vendor we’ve chosen for this election) and provides an example of how easy it will be to vote this fall. This example uses two methods of identifying the voter – the voter’s PIN (which will come in the mail) and the voter’s date of birth. As you will see by watching this video, voting will be easy and can be done on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, computer) that has a web browser and you can vote 24/7 from anywhere in the world, October 11th until the closing time on October 24, 2022.

Please share this information with anyone who you think might be intimidated by internet voting. For those without internet access or who may want some help, there will be computers setup at Town Hall from Oct 11 – 24th where residents can attend and be assisted. They will need to bring their voter PIN with them. More details will come from the Town in the coming weeks and I will share it as it comes available.