It’s Time To “Report A Hole”

Report Pot Holes

With spring finally around the corner, it’s pothole season. Let’s help the public works department out by reporting all the potholes you find around town. The town staff likely know about many of these bone-rattling, rim damaging road-safety issues, but it is best not to assume they will find them all.

Please report them using our E-Service online reporting tool so they get collected and routed to the team for repair. The link to this form is and you can use it to report all kinds of service issues to the Town. You can also just send an email to

There is some good advice in this article, that ends with the following advice.

“If you have experienced the misfortune of hitting a pothole, have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked and repaired if necessary. A vehicle with poor wheel alignment will experience high tire wear and poor fuel economy. In extreme cases it could lead to loss of control. Potholes can also damage your tires and these should be inspected after a pothole encounter.

If your vehicle has been severely damaged by a pothole, document the location, photograph it if it is safe to do so and report it to your municipality. Do not try to photograph a pothole if there is traffic nearby or if it puts you in danger. Your life is not worth it.”