July 13th Parking/Council Meeting Open To The Public!


Midland Council has been meeting virtually since the pandemic began. The public has only been able to watch the meetings online. While a hybrid model (allowing Councillors and staff to participate remotely) remains an option (the Province has legislated our ability to do so), we are finally returning to in-person Council meetings effective July 13th.

This “special meeting” on July 13th at 4pm will be hybrid (I will be there in person) but the most important fact is that the public will be welcomed back into the Council chambers once again! The timing is perfect since the next version of the staff recommendations for the parking issues comes before us on that agenda and I know that many local residents are eager to attend the meeting to watch this debate in real life.

More details about this meeting will come from the Town but I wanted you to be the first to know! I miss us miss being in the same room with each other and I really miss having the public in attendance. There is a very different dynamic to our debates when residents are in the room and the insulated and disconnected purely virtual meeting format is not health for democracy and I’ve found that decisions get made, discussions don’t happen and the weight of our decisions seem diminished when we are all just talking head/shoulders in zoom boxes.

Depending on the outcome of our July 4th special meeting about Midland Bay Landing and the outcome of my motion to defer awarding the RFP to the next council in 3 months, I may have this motion on the agenda as well. I await the outcome of the July 4th meeting. Click here to learn more about my intention to attempt a deferral.