Lakewood Drive New Speed Limit 40 km/h Missing From New Bylaw? Not Anymore.

Some of the ward 3 residents who have been eagerly awaiting their new council-approved speed reduction to 40 km/h on on their small dead-end road have noticed that the new bylaw on next week’s agenda makes no mention of the authorized speed change from the default 50 km/h everywhere in town.

I have sent an email to the CAO for clarity as to why it is missing from this updated bylaw we are being asked to approve next week and will get back to you with the answer. Perhaps it was just an oversight, which can be easily fixed by our Wednesday meeting.

Town staff advise the new signs are installed and the bylaw will be adjusted to reflect the changes… minor oversight. All is well.

Here is the list that is currently on the report.

Here is the full report if you are interested in the new bylaw regulating traffic in Midland.