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Too Much Development in Midland is at a standstill
Too Much Development in Midland is at a standstill

Want to see your taxes go down? An easy way is to spread the costs around and build more homes. We can help with the supply issue that is fueling the housing crisis.

We have thousands of homes (town homes, condos, apartments and rentals) in multiple new developments and subdivisions stalled in planning quagmire and that represents millions of dollars in lost development charges and property taxes – and no new residents to live, work, play and shop here.

These developments are on the books. The open for business sign is turned off in Midland and developers know this. We are seen as inflexible, obstructive and unable to manage projects or work with developers fairly. The projects you read about in the news are only the tip of the iceberg. Wondering what is happening with Wendys up by No Frills? What about the Starbucks and Firehouse Subs by National Bank? These stalled employers are stuck in limbo with the Town. I know of several other subdivisions that are stuck in unnecessary conflict with the town too. This has to end. The distraction about charging ahead with developing our waterfront with a handful of condos is just noise. What about the thousands of residential units we already have in play that we can’t or won’t move forward with.

Much development in Midland is at a standstill

I’ve been speaking with frustrated developers in various stages of limbo with our Municipality who are looking to build and help Midland thrive and grow responsibly. They are hoping for a new mayor and council that will help get these projects moving once again so that we can grow our tax base, help drive down the supply / demand equation that makes homes unattainable or simply unavailable to current and future residents and help bring down our reliance on taxing the rest of you.

I know how to lead teams to get the job done. I’m not intimidated by this challenge and I will hold people accountable. Vote for change Oct 11-24 and help me hang out the open for business sign again at town hall and let’s grow responsibly.

Clearly we need a course correction to the good ship Midland and good crew become great crew with the right captain at the helm.


  1. My hope is that developers are held accountable to meet all the conditions required to build. It is the Towns Staff responsibility to assure conditions are met and building projects are inspected. My question is why is there a planning quagmire? Let’s not have another Walmart Home Depot nightmare on hwy 93 where there is only one entry and exit.

    • I don’t get any answers to my direct questions to our Planning head or our CAO about the exact nature of these delays. This is unacceptable and leaves me with only the input from one side of the conflict. I will ensure that a new Council and residents know exactly what the root cause is of each of the distressed developments and hold each side accountable to get things moving or off the books.

  2. Good Morning, what are some of the issues that are causing the development application to be stalled, is it building code issues, or issues for development that the town is unwilling to move on,

  3. I understand that one of the developers was to supply a hydro grid to service the homes they were building. If this is correct is it because Midland PUC is
    now privately owned and therefore will not be supplying a grid for obvious reasons? If PUC was still owned by the town would this be an issue?

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