Little Lake Park As A Winter Festive Destination?

Festive Lighting Along A Trail

Let me share a thought I’ll be pushing for (need other councillors to support me) – keep the park road open all year round, let’s do the town Christmas tree (a big one) on Rotary Stage and have events (carolling etc) down there leading up to Christmas. Let’s put LED light strands in the trees (a deputation from Drummond Peet suggested this) and let people enjoy the beauty of the park as a centrepiece of Midland all year round. We need to take better care of the park and make it far more accessible in the winter.

The online discussion ( seemed to go viral over a couple days with the post reaching 40,000 + people and 200+ comments.

Comments, which were overwhelmingly supportive, offered up suggestions like a skating trail, an outdoor rink on the lake or on land, a winter holiday market, sponsorship for the tree lights and how well received this would be in our community when most other events that don’t allow for social distancing, are cancelled.

The following motion will be discussed at our next meeting. I provided it to the clerks before the cutoff time today. Please reach out to your councillors to share your thoughts in advance of the meeting next Wednesday.

“That staff report on options to fully open Little Lake Park for drive-through traffic this winter, a plan for holiday/christmas lights be installed throughout the park’s walking trail, a festive tree installed on rotary stage and that outdoor winter recreational activities like outdoor ice surface and/or skate trail, festive outdoor marketplace and other attractions that our events staff deem reasonable be explored to provide residents and visitors with pandemic-friendly recreational options while using this asset.”