Loud Exhausts & OPP Enforcement

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Loud exhausts are a frequent complaint I get from residents (aside from speeding in town) asking us to have the OPP conduct enforcement on vehicles that disturb neighbourhoods and cause windows to shake, car alarms to go off, dogs to bark and babies to wake etc.

At our last police board meeting I asked the OPP to consider enforcement in our area like we read about them doing in Orillia and other areas. It’s important to understand that we can’t direct the OPP to do anything. Furthermore, even the detachment commander cannot direct his officers to lay charges. Officers all have their own discretion when dealing with any traffic stops and whether someone gets a warning or a ticket.


That being said, he was receptive to the request and advised that we may see some extra enforcement around “unnecessary noise” (a Highway Traffic Act offence under section 75(4) that is quite subjective) from vehicles and a reminder that even though you can hear them, don’t assume the police will too… call in any details about the vehicle such as licence plate, driver, make/model, originating address etc. Police may find other issues when they stop the car such as a driver with a suspended license, no insurance, unpaid fines, alcohol or drugs or other criminal code offences. Your tip for a loud car may have them stopping a drug smuggler or someone wanted on a warrant. You’re be surprised at how often criminals draw attention to themselves by speeding or other driving offences.

I will post the video of our latest police service board meeting to this article once it is up on our YouTube channel.

All motor vehicles and motor assisted bicycles are required to have a proper muffler in good working order and shall not use a muffler cut-out, straight exhaust, gutted muffler, Hollywood muffler, by-pass or similar device in accordance with the HTA s. 75.


Local news coverage of what we can hope for in Midland, based on what the OPP has done elsewhere: