Louis Riel Day – Honouring Metis Culture

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We are fortunate in that our area is officially recognized as having the largest concentration of MNO Métis in all of Ontario and represented by the Georgian Bay Metis Council. Today is a very important day for the Métis.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) invites all Canadians to join in marking the anniversary of the execution of Métis leader Louis Riel in 1885. Louis Riel Day on November 16 honours Riel’s sacrifice while celebrating Métis culture and resilience.

This year carries great significance for the MNO as it marks not only the solemn remembrance of Louis Riel but also the commemoration of 30 years since the establishment of the MNO as a Métis government. Additionally, it signifies two decades since the historic Powley Decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, a landmark moment in Métis history.

Louis Riel, a visionary Métis leader, played a pivotal role in defending Métis rights during the Northwest Resistance of 1885. Despite facing tremendous adversity, his legacy lives on, and today, the Métis Nation of Ontario continues to thrive as a testament to the courage of our ancestors.

5-7 PM
Louis Riel Day • Documentary & Panel Discussion 
@ Law Society of Ontario (online)

Join the Law Society of Ontario and the MNO, for the annual Louis Riel Day program. 

This event features a viewing of Métis Hunt for Justice: the Powley Story documentary, which tells the story of the profound struggle of Ontario Métis against marginalization, the denial of their very existence, and the immense impact of the Supreme Court of Canada Powley case.

The documentary viewing will be followed by a fireside chat between Margaret Froh, President of the Métis Nation of Ontario and Jean Teillet, a renowned Indigenous rights lawyer, teacher, and speaker.

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More: https://www.metisnation.org/news/louis-riel-day-2023/

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