March 27th Special Meeting: Choosing Our New Councillor

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The agenda for the special meeting of Council on Wednesday March 27th starting at noon, has been published. The agenda includes the personal statements filed by each of the seven candidates and gives a preview of what we can expect to hear from each of them during their five minute presentations to Council. We will hear from all of them and choose the top 3 to advance to the second round where they will be asked 8 questions each leading up to our vote for the top candidate to join Council for the remainder of this term. The successful candidate will be sworn in immediately so that staff can begin the onboarding process right away. The entire process is in open session (feel free to attend), broadcast on Rogers, streamed online (contact for the zoom link) and will be uploaded to YouTube the next day.

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Click below to review each candidate’s personal statement about why they should be appointed to Council: