Midland Mirror: Early Coverage Of The Mayoral Race

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Andrew Mendler of the Midland Mirror writes: While many people have their focus on the upcoming provincial election slated for June 2, a municipal election is also slated to take place this fall. Candidates in Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny and Tay could officially file their paperwork and announce their candidacy as of May 2.

Gordon filed his paperwork with the town clerk the minute town hall opened that morning, ensuring his name was first on the ballot.

He said he had been mulling over the idea of a mayoral bid for the past few months before eventually deciding to go for it and seek a more influential role on council.

“If I want to keep playing in the governance game here in Midland, I need to do so with all of the facts I can have,” said Gordon. “The best way to get those is to be in the room, or at the table, which means being the mayor or deputy mayor.”

The mayor gets to sit on a variety of local committees and gets a seat at the county council table.

Gordon wants to positively influence the municipality by “changing the tone” and working to create a resilient, responsive and collaborative council. He would also like to revisit plans for the Midland Bay Landing site.

“If I am in that chair we are going to have the conversation about changing direction,” said Gordon. I’m not guaranteeing that it’s going to happen, but we are going to have a conversation, look at alternatives and decide if that decade-old plan that seems to really rub a lot of people the wrong way is in fact the right way to go.”

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  1. The best statement I have heard from Bill Gordon I’d “have the discussion” Midland taxpayers have been removed from the discussion and even restricted at council meetings. If we foot the bill we are in a need to know and be heard mode!!! I personally am fed up with the present mayor’s total disregard for the taxpayers! Time Midlanders do a background check on all those who are putting their name out to run this Town! Pease let’s have fewer “payouts to disgruntled staff” please fewer “in camera” meetings!!!Please GET RID OF Those Darn parking meters,the old ones need to come back. We need only to have them on the main Street. Can’t even go to a funeral anymore without paying for parking !!!

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