Midland Police Service Board – Some Novel Approaches

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You are invited to review our meeting as we discuss the latest policing stats in Midland, endorsement of a new “CamSafe” program and automated speed enforcement cameras for our community safety and school zones. We also discuss traffic safety initiative requests such as loud mufflers/unnecessary noise, speeding and increased police presence in our community through a potential OPP pilot program that could see special constables on patrol to augment front line officers. Special constables are used to police Metrolinx (GoTransit – GTA), OC Transpo in Ottawa and many university campuses. These are all high level conversations and novel approaches that we are working with the OPP to explore in our community.

Here is an Ottawa example of the Special Constable role in policing the transit system: https://www.octranspo.com/en/our-services/safe-travels/special-constables/

Here is a Toronto example of the Special Constable role: https://www.metrolinx.com/en/news/on-patrol-with-transit-safety%E2%80%99s-new-special-response-unit

Here is a Campus approach to Special Constables: https://www.campussafety.utoronto.ca/special-constables


  1. We are a town not a city like Toronto we are taxed high enough now cannot afford all this council keeps proposing we are not all working some of us are retired and on fixed incomes !!!

  2. Hello, when purchasing these cameras 5,8 or more we should at the same time purchase 40/50 fake looking cameras and place them throu out the Town. The real ones should be moved to new locations from time to time. Our results should be GREAT. thanks, Rod

  3. Photo Radar works Picture worth a thousand words
    Dodge Truck leaving Raytheon Parking lot after 12.00 PM
    racing east on Hugel Ave to William Street going south
    very loud seem over the decimal limit


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