Midland Welcomes Le Bellot Cruise Ship

Le Bellot, a ship within the Ponant cruise line fleet
Le Bellot, a ship within the Ponant cruise line fleet
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Le Bellot, a ship within the Ponant cruise line fleet will be docked at our harbour until around 6pm this evening. This ship is 100ft longer than the Pearl Mist whom we host several times a year. Click here to learn more about this luxurious cruise ship.

Le Bellot carries up to 184 guests, has 92 staterooms and suites, a crew of 118, a spa and 2 restaurants.

Great lakes cruising is a growing industry and a source of major economic impact for the harbour-towns and cities that are equipped to host these large cruise ships. It is no surprise that Midland is well-positioned to be a major turnaround port (where trips begin / end) due to our close proximity to the GTA and our large deep water port.

Our 1100m of waterfront that we are going to re-envision and develop will play a critical role in our success as a host port. We have seawall that will need to be repaired and new infrastructure needed to host the guests, allow for customs services, service the ships power and sanitary needs and support the new tourism industry that comes with being a cruise port. This is an amazing opportunity for Midland shops, services and hospitality providers.

We will be working over the next three years to realize the potential of our waterfront, including public parkland and the mixed use retail, hospitality and residential components of a new official plan.

If you get a chance today, drop by the harbour to view this majestic luxury cruise ship and imagine 3-4 more of them along our sea wall coming and going spring, summer and fall.