Midland YMCA On Brink Of Closing For Good?

Midland YMCA

“The Midland YMCA is on the brink of closing permanently” This drastic position was not what we heard a couple weeks ago when they gave us a deputation at our Council Meeting. I knew they’d be coming with some kind of financial “ask” at some point, but nothing has come to Council yet. Sadly we cannot do anything about their low membership numbers, which are no doubt impacted solely due to fears of COVID and close proximity of guests when working out and using the facilities.

If/when they come to us for money, I’d want some assurances that they have enough membership to stay afloat or else we just dump capital into the pot and they close down shortly thereafter anyway. Thankfully, I have been updated that Camp Kitchi and other services (outside of their building) are not in peril at this time. Their needs relate specifically to helping to bridge the losses from being closed, lack of renewals pending their ability to re-open safely and that they are looking for help from all four Municipalities.

A closure of our YMCA would be a stunning blow to Midland and surrounding communities, much like the identical losses felt by Orillia and Barrie recently as their facilities closed permanently.

Read the news coverage here: https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/10188803-midland-ymca-financial-losses-expected-to-exceed-1-5-million