Midland’s Water / Wastewater Annual Reports

When you consider the core services that our Municipality provides each resident, most will think about streets, sidewalks, snow clearance and emergency services. Clean drinking water and efficient wastewater services are often simply taken for granted. Those vital services are the responsibility of a lower tier Municipality like Midland and the task of providing clean, safe potable water rests on a small but highly competent team of water and wastewater staff. The government places legal liability on the Municipal Council to ensure that we deliver on that task or face sanctions up to and including jail. One only has to look to abject failures such as those in Walkerton and other Canadian Municipalities to see that responsibility enforced.

I was delighted to read the two annual reports on this Wednesday’s agenda for two reasons:

  1. I and my fellow Councillors won’t be heading off to jail
  2. The reports affirm the quality and caliber of talent we have managing both our water and wastewater systems in Midland

Our systems are aging and require capital investment to stay operating at optimal efficiency and those infrastructure costs are what is driving the yearly tax increases for all among us that use Municipal water and sewer services.

Here are the links to the two reports. I’d encourage you to review them to see exactly how the systems get used and the science involved in keeping that water running pure and clean from your faucets and down the drains before being cleaned and returned to Georgian Bay.

Annual Drinking Water Summary Report: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/34999

Annual Wastewater Services Report: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/35002