New E-Bike Parks & Trails Bylaw Proposed

eBike Prohibition In Parks and Trails

A report coming to Council next Wednesday proposes a new bylaw to deal with the evolving safe uses of our parks and trails by people on motorized devices such as e-bikes and motor-assisted (only while pedaling) bicycles. We’d be adding signage, doing public education until it kicks in next year, and hiring a couple more summer students next year along with bikes and equipment so they could patrol the trails and manage education and enforcement.

If you have any input about this report and the new bylaw, please contact your councillors.

The full report and proposed new bylaw are available online here:

The report makes two recommendations:

  1. That the proposed Parks and Trails By-law be approved and enacted using a phased-in approach to the regulation of the use of “e-bikes” (to begin January 1, 2022); and
  1. That any required resources for increased enforcement measures be included in the 2022 draft Budget.

It goes on to say “The proposed Parks and Trails Bylaw now includes a prohibition with respect to driving a
motorized vehicle on a Municipal Trail and in Municipal Parkland. In addition, the proposed by-law includes the phased in prohibition of the use of “e-bikes” on Municipal Trails and in Municipal Parkland, while still allowing for the use of “pedelec” and mobility devices. A pedelec is a bicycle with an electric motor that provide assistance to the operator only when pedaling. Staff propose that the prohibition of e-bikes on trails be implemented in 2022. This will allow for an education period, as well as proper budgeting for the additional staff and equipment required. The proposed by-law also consolidates the existing prohibition of motorboats on Little Lake in excess of 10 HP.”

“All set fines are $150, except for a few prohibitions. Specifically, any individual who deposits household garbage within a park garbage receptacle may be fined $300. Further the set fine for operating a motorized vehicle within Municipal Parkland or along a Municipal Trail will be $250. These set fines are comparable to those set by other surrounding municipalities. The Ontario Provincial Police will assist as required and are able to respond to complaints after hours and on weekends when our Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are not actively working.”