New Homelessness Dashboard Launched

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The County of Simcoe is introducing its new data tool to support its 10-point Homelessness Prevention Strategy and further assist people in need in our communities. This new tool will help inform enhancements, resourcing and strategies that support homelessness prevention and shelter efforts by tracking real-time data of shelter usage and other trends across the region. The tool was built to support County Council, municipalities, system operators, residents and service providers in better understanding the ever-changing needs of regional shelter and homelessness prevention system, and is available at

The County will now be able to share the occupancy and capacity through its Daily Shelter & Motel Voucher Program dashboard, offering a holistic view of shelter system usage across the county. This data, which includes individuals who are known to have used shelter services at least once over the preceding three months and includes an anonymous analysis of key variables that affect vulnerable populations and shelter users.

Real-time data at our fingertips through this tool will help us gain access to:

  • Accurate data and point-in-time information
  • Shelter capacity on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Community trends and priority areas
  • Flow of clients within the system
  • Identifiable gaps to address where investments and resources can be adjusted if needed
  • Overall accountability for the system

    The data tool is now available at For further information and ongoing updates on the homelessness prevention plan and other community-building initiatives, visit or call 211.

    This is just one more way that the County is #BuildingUp our communities. For updates on how the County of Simcoe is investing in our region, visit

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  1. There was a lot of work put into this program by so many people I wish them success and hope that those who need a job can find one they can succeed at.

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