NSSRC – Options For Opening Up (or not)


Among the items on this coming Wednesday’s Council agenda, is a report that is seeking direction on how to operate the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre until the end of June. Please review the options and let your councillors know how you’d like them to vote on your behalf. The entire report is available here: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/23969/CSR-2021-14%20NSSRC%20Services%20March%20to%20June%2030%202021.pdf

Option #1 Vaccination clinic and lease operation only

The costing for this option is listed above. It would require the least amount of staffing
and only requires the facility to be open 6 days per week currently. Option #1 will only have a positive impact on the public who are getting vaccinated in the short term and the public in the long term once everyone is vaccinated.

Option #2 Vaccination clinic and lease operations plus the arena floor, ice rentals,
and gym rentals.

This option would allow for a Vaccination center for at least four months, Ice rentals for
two months, arena floor rental for two months, and gym rental for four months. This
would be the preferred option of Staff at this time. It would allow Staff to maximize
facility use and create space for safe exercise while ensuring the vaccination clinic is
operational and allows the Town to maintain some revenues. The Town would have ice
rentals for the next two months provided there is still a demand. The current demand
per week is for approximately 50 hours of ice rentals and 15 hours of gym rentals
waiting to proceed with bookings upon opening.

This option would see the ice stay in use until the end of April, at which time, the ice will
be removed and the arena floor rentals will resume primarily being ball hockey, under
the current red control framework, this would only allow skills and drill, no team game
play or team practice permitted under red. In a normal year Penetang Midland Ball
Hockey Association (PMBHA) has over 700 children participate. Based on the local
Minor Hockey registrations this year being at 80% of a normal year, PMBHA would have
560 children participating. The president of the organization has indicated that early
responses suggest it will be more than the 80% who will register to play and he is
projecting over 600 children wanting to play.

Option #2 has the most impact on users from a mental health and physical activity
standpoint and the least amount of negative impact to the stakeholders of the NSSRC.
It will ensure the vaccination clinic is up and running while utilizing the other parts of the
facility for safe activities that the public has been inquiring about, while maximizing
revenue potential as the facility must be open for the vaccination clinic.

Option #3 Vaccination clinic and lease operations plus the arena floor and gym

This option would not include any ice rentals and would see the ice removed and only
floor and gym rentals would be realized between March 18 until June 30, 2021 at which
time, the Town would install the one ice surface for summer ice rentals.

Option #3 is similar to Option #2, as it will have positive impact on the stakeholders but
will not be maximizing revenues while the arena floor sits idle for 2 months until the
major user, PMBHL, starts up.

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