NSSRC User Fees Recommendations

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After a collaborative session with the user groups and representatives from the Town of Penetanguishene and the Township of Springwater, staff took all the feedback and worked on an implementation strategy that met our collective needs. This strategy is still missing funding from both Tiny and Tay Townships, that could all-but-eliminate the need for non-resident fees, so in the meantime we do the best we can. This Wednesday, Council will be asked to consider the report :

Recommendation – That Staff Report CSR-2024-44, NSSRC User Fees, dated May 22, 2024, be
received; and

  1. That Staff be directed to investigate Naming Rights for the North Simcoe
    Sports and Recreation Centre (NSSRC) as an option for other source
    revenue; and
  2. That a Non-Resident, Non-North Simcoe (excluding Springwater) fee of 5%
    be added to all rentals within the NSSRC; and
  3. That a letter addressed to Tay and Tiny Township Councils be sent,
    requesting contribution to the NSSRC to avoid the need to implement nonresident fees for these communities;
  4. That the Composite Fees and Charges By-law be amended to include fee
    increases effective September 1, 2024 of:
  • 10% Increase – Summer Floor Rentals
  • 20% Increase – Gymnasium
  • 5% Increase – All other rentals; and
  1. That as part of the 2025 Budget process, a multi-year fee By-law for the
    NSSRC be brought forward for Council’s consideration to allow for
    predictable rate increases for user groups

The full staff report is here: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/52585/?splitscreen=true&attachmenturl=%2Fdocument%2F52539

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