OPP look to launch CAMsafe program in Midland

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Source: Simcoe.com A collaboration between residents and the Southern Georgian Bay OPP may be able to help keep the community safer and help solve crime.

The local police, with endorsement from the Midland Police Services Board, are hoping to introduce a CAMsafe program in the detachment area.

“Ultimately, it is aimed at creating a database of residential and commercial security cameras that will act as a resource for police while investigating offences and crimes,” said acting detachment Commander Insp. Todd Pittman during a police services board meeting on Sept. 20.

Owners of security cameras, closed-circuit TV systems and doorbell cameras would register for the program, helping to create a map of camera locations throughout the region. This map would include where cameras are located and the directions they are facing.

Read the news article: https://www.simcoe.com/news/ontario-provincial-police-look-to-launch-camsafe-program-to-help-deter-crime-in-midland/article_6da2c3f4-f497-53b7-aab3-444346bb16ba.html

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  1. Cameras are needed in a number of spots. Hope that they are movable around town.
    King St. going north from Hwy 12 I have been passed by people doing at least 90 km./hr.

    Then there is Christine Dr. the High School kids have been speeding as much as 90 km/hr. back and forth. My neighbor stopped one of them last week and scolded them 2 separate cars. One went by our house at 8:05 am on Monday doing about 90. on their way to school.

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