Please Take My 2022 Budget Survey

Budget Survey

Please help me with our 2022 Budget. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bill Gordon and I am one of nine Midland Municipal Councillors. I remain committed to community engagement and responsible, accessible local government. I am looking for guidance and input that can help me advance important community initiatives and advocate for cost savings that can reduce the overall tax burden and help offset costs for new projects and service enhancements.

As you can appreciate, responsible and sustainable financial health depends largely on two concepts.  First, cut unnecessary expense and control spending.  Second, increase revenues to offset town-wide dependence on tax rates to fund everything the Municipality does for the residents.

Revenue options are limited.  We get minimal grants and transfer payments from the Federal / Provincial and County Of Simcoe.  We apply user-fees to recover costs of providing specific services.  We budget and apply municipal property taxes to cover all the remaining expenses and put money away into “reserves” for future use.  We are prohibited (by law) from running a deficit, so we must balance the budget each year.

Click here to take the survey and tell me what’s important to you.

Please share this survey so I can reach as many residents as possible.

Please note that the Town will likely have their own budget survey in the coming days and I ask that you participate with theirs as well as mine.  The more input that gets to our staff and council the better we can represent your needs and desires for helping Midland to recover and thrive in the days, years and decades to come.