Plowing The Little Lake Park Walking Trail This Winter?

Walking on Winter Trail

I have submitted the following motion to be discussed (and hopefully approved) at next Wednesday’s Council meeting. “That Council support the additional snow clearing activities required to open the Little Lake Park waterfront walking trail for recreational activity.

The rationale is simple. We have agreed to open the park road to vehicles all winter for the first time in years. With improved access it is reasonable to expect that residents will want to enjoy the beauty of the park and lakeshore without walking on the roadway. The trail is a source of simple recreation and exercise for local residents, who because of COVID-19 restrictions, find themselves locked out of the other venues like the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre.

If approved, the public works team would keep the path sufficiently clear with existing sidewalk plows. This additional labour / effort is not free but is not going to raise your taxes. Do you support this request? Speak to your other councillors and voice your opinion so that they can be your voice in this motion.

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